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Where's the "light" in your life?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Everything grows towards the light. Even in the densest forest we find saplings stretching hopefully upwards, towards sky-filled holes in the leafy canopy far above.

And while we know that all life on the planet undoubtedly needs the light of The Sun to support its existence, inherent in the complexity of our human make-up is a further source of light - one that can illuminate us from within like nothing in the external world can equal.

What is it that matters to you? What are your values? What is it that fills you with purpose and gives meaning to life? What do you enjoy and what is it truly fills your heart with joy? Really, just who are you?

These are big, life affirming questions that get sidelined in the busyness of life or by the tall tales of unworthiness we unconsciously spin for ourselves. Perhaps we’d be hard pressed to give clear answers to the above questions - simply because we don’t yet know - or maybe we’ve an inkling but our felt obligations to and expectations of the world we move in keep us distanced from our deeper, authentic selves, a position often compounded by beliefs that we would have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

Fiona Buckland’s beautiful book Find Your Own Path provides encouragement and support to drill down towards our often-buried authentic selves, unearth our true values and redefine our stance in the world with an increasingly robust sense of credibility; Julia Cameron’s classic The Artist’s Way (it’s not just for artists, right) provides another inspirational route that similarly seeks to liberate our true nature.

However we make a start, we should know that what we are embarking on is no less than the hero’s journey. It’s cliched to say that we’re all here for a reason - any meaning has long been washed out of those words. I prefer to think that we all have our part to play and something essential to contribute. The more connected we are to our authentic nature - our 'part' - then the more contentment and joy we’re likely to experience as we go.

Make a start, wherever you find yourself right now, and begin to bring your light into the world.

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