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A Little About Me
The seed of my becoming a counsellor was sown over twenty years ago as I spent time sitting and with a friend who was enduring a very difficult time in their life.  I had no real idea of how to best support my friend yet simply being present with them and witnessing their struggle somehow seemed to have a beneficial effect.  

The experience etched two indelible marks on my soul: 1) that when we get down to the 'nitty gritty' of our experience we might just begin to better understand that experience, gain clarity and are able to navigate our difficulties with an increasing sense of value in ourselves, guided by what we want our life to look like, and; 2) that if we can't get down to the nitty gritty with each other, then, ultimately, what's the point?

Today qualified to diploma and degree level in therapeutic counselling, I find it a privilege to accompany folk from all walks of life on their journeys to increasing wholeness and authenticity, contentment and joy.

(Recent) past lives include being a car mechanic, aircraft technician, chef, and setting up and running my own artisan bakery.  Living in a Buddhist centre for a few years and walking that path, teaching meditation courses and classes along the way, gifted me with a indispensable understanding of the spiritual aspect of life - or, in more approachable terms perhaps, the capacity within each of us to live more conscious, contented, meaningful lives.

Following a more secular path these days, mindfulness meditation, gratitude practice, self-compassion, visualisation, journalling and more besides provide a foundational underpinning to cultivate increasing peace of mind, creativity and connection to myself, others and Nature, and are practises that I aspire to bring into the counselling room for any and all who express interest or inclination.

Beyond my professional life, I love writing, cycling, travelling (solo or with a good friend), spending time with my absolutely delightful, inspiring, grown-up daughters (this is probably my favourite, but don't tell them...) and close friends.  Swimming in the sea never fails me, likewise riding round on trains, whilst the occasional, spontaneous dive into a pub is almost always life changing.  

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